Metal Finishing

Plating and Anodizing Tanks Plating and Anodizing Tanks
El Dorado fabricates tanks for both types of anodizing and for plating. Tanks can be fabricated from carbon and stainless steels with applicable lead liners. Preferred lead lining thickness is either 3/16” or 1/4” lead sheet. Supported strapping can be employed depending on tank size. El Dorado offers on-site maintenance for annual outages and emergency service for repairs on lead-lined tanks and lead heating/cooling coils.

Heating and Cooling Coils Heating and Cooling Coils
Heating and Cooling Coils are made from extruded lead pipes with solid lead or homogeneously bonded lead supports for electroplating, anodizing, dyes, chemicals, and the fertilizer industries. There are numerous configurations and designs to consider, each factor dependent upon the application or processes.

Specialty Anodes
El Dorado is a manufacturer of specialty anodes, anodes for Tin Mills in the Steel Industry, and anode plates for the SX/EW operations throughout North America. Our quality assurance program verifies fabrication is always performed to meet specific customer requirements.